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Industry Expert Marc Lobliner, Owner of and has put his years of training elite athletes, champion bodybuilders and everyday people into one book that will change the way you look at food and dieting forever. And it is FREE!



By: Mike Roberto


Right now, I want you to make an excuse about your health.  Go ahead – enjoy it in all its responsibility-shirking glory.

Because after you start this book, your excuses will be none.

Soon enough, you will be armed with everything you need to know to achieve your goals.  But more importantly, you will also be dis-armed from the fallacies that pushed you towards those excuses in the first place.

You see, over the past few years, there’s been a movement brewing.  This movement — which has just reached you in this very book – is so exciting and powerful that it can only be described with one word: REVOLUTION.

A revolution that, as simple as it sounds, has completely escaped us after decades of misinformation.

The simple idea of this so-called revolution?

That if you eat REAL food — not processed, “food-like substances” — your health will remarkably improve on every possible level.

The problem with this movement is that all resources available are geared towards weight loss and general health.  And while that’s incredible… what about those of us that also want to GET BEYOND RIPPED?  Not only getting beyond ripped, but doing so in a sustainable and healthy way.

To answer this call, I proudly introduce to you Marc “THE MACHINE” Lobliner.

For some, Marc needs absolutely no introduction.  This charismatic business owner, husband, and father of two is well-known for his hell-bent drive in bringing ethics and common-sense to the nutrition and supplementation industry – an industry that could use a whole lot more of both.

Those of you who have met Marc or have seen his daily videos and blog posts know that he’s not just funny and full of life, he also knows exactly what he’s talking about.  But Marc does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

And for the rest of you who haven’t met him, Marc still needs no introduction.  All you have to do is look at a few of his photos to see that he truly does put his money (and his body) where his mouth is.

As I write this, Marc is on his epic quest for his IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) Pro Card, a designation for professional bodybuilders.  While some bodybuilders keep secrets, Marc keeps absolutely none.  And in GET BEYOND RIPPED, you are privy to the systems he uses, in all their gory detail.

Marc is a no-nonsense guy, and this is a no-nonsense book.  After your intro, Marc gives you the diet plan immediately.  You aren’t going to be overwhelmed with pages full of theory without any of the practice.  Aren’t you sick of these types of books?!  Marc is, and so am I.

Instead, you are going to get into the meat and potatoes (quite literally) right off the bat.  The workout plan isn’t far behind.

Marc will ask you to reject many things you thought were good for you.  He is going to have you go against the grain, in all senses of the phrase.  Put simply, Marc cuts the crap and promotes high quality, natural food.  In turn, he creates high quality, natural bodies.

The supplements recommended in this book are top-notch.  While they’re not all made by Marc’s companies, MTS Nutrition and EthiTech Nutrition, I wish they were.  There is not a single person in this industry who I trust more than The Machine himself.  After you read his back-story, which comes after the diet and training plan, you’ll agree.  Marc’s energetic idealism is that infectious.

This is definitely a “do as I do” type of book.  Every meal, every step, every rep is laid out here.  It’s the ultimate plan for readers who want to live the Lobliner lifestyle without doing the years of homework and trial-and-error that Marc has put in throughout his journey.

But for those of us who need that theory behind his ways, all you need to do is ask him for it.  Chances are, you’ll get a prompt and thoughtful response. Better yet, he may even make a blog post or video if it’s a commonly misunderstood topic.  Marc is that kind of guy with that kind of conviction.

All I ask of you is this:  Join the revolution.  Give Marc a solid 12 weeks of your life.  Follow the plan as closely as possible, but tweak it as needed.  Stop eating garbage that comes out of a box.  Yes, you need to eat your vegetables (and no, corn is not a vegetable).

Within weeks, you will be hooked, and will share my same contagious energy.

It works for Marc, it works for me, and it will work for you.  Get started now – you have nothing but fat to lose, and a whole lot of muscle to gain.

Marc is currently MTS Nutrition CEO, EthiTech Nutrition CEO, Wilkins Fitness Commercial Vertical Manager, Director of Business Development, Owner and Editor in Chief. As the leader of Scivation, a globally distributed supplement company, Marc Lobliner was the most accessible and energizing sports nutrition company CEO in the history of the industry. Prior to starting Scivation, Marc was a co-founder of, and served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Sylvester Stallone sports nutrition company, INSTONE, LLC.; the Senior Account Director for Shape, Natural Health, Living Fit, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, FLEX, Star, National Enquirer, Mira!, Shape en Espanol, Men’s Fitness en Espanol, Country Weekly, Auto World, NOPI Street Performance Compact, and AMI Specials, owned by American Media; and also worked for Bally Total Fitness. Marc attended California Lutheran University and obtained a degree in Marketing.

Marc is an ACE certified personal trainer, is a former APF competitive powerlifter and national level NPC competitive bodybuilder, having won first place trophies in both the lightweight and light-heavyweight divisions, and most recently placing 13th in the light-heavyweight division at the 2010 Arnold Classic.

Marc has been featured in Muscle & Strength, MuscleMag International (Italy), and Ironman (Australia) magazines, and have appeared in Men’s Fitness as a physique model; has authored several print articles that have appeared in trade magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, as well as online at; and has also co-authored 10 books on the subject of physique transformation, with titles such as, Game Over: The Final Showtime Cut Diet You’ll Ever Need, The Diet Solution: The NEW American Diet, C.H.A. (The Carb Haters Anonymous) Diet: The Final Answer on Carbless Bulking & Cutting, and The Lifestyle Cut Diet: The Final Diet You’ll Ever Need to Stay Lean and Healthy.

Mike is a competitive open-water swimmer with All-American honors and is the CEO of ClutchWave Inc., which runs the Supplement Price Comparison Engine. Mike uses Marc’s diet plan year round, and training program during off-season winter bulks before cutting down for competitions.

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